Titillating [verb]

Definition of Titillating:

excite, stimulate

Synonyms of Titillating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Titillating:

Sentence/Example of Titillating:

You may curse in five languages: it is music to their titillating ears.

Hers was actually the titillating wonder of a bird which, captured, closes its wings, that surrender can be so sweet.

This woman is doubtless miserable, though after all, perhaps, the titillating joys of glory are not unknown to her.

These ancient snuff-boxes furnish proof of the love of our ancestors for the titillating powder.

These were "bloods," tremendous swells, grown men with a titillating flavour of the world about their distinguished persons.

The titillating odour of this concoction came now, on the breeze, to the nostrils of Tansey, awakening in him hunger for it.

Knows he that never took a pinch, Nosey, the pleasure thence which flows, Knows he the titillating joysWhich my nose knows?

He had faced danger and tragedy since he could toddle, and fear had never overridden the titillating sense of adventure.

They snap snappishly at the titillating straw; they snatch at it with their weird little hands; they parry it skilfully.