Titillation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Titillation:

Sliding down banisters, for instance, produces a titillation.

This was an emotion that he had not enjoyed for many years, and it was not without its titillation.

The sliding down bannisters produces a titillation which is agreeable to the sexual organs.

Every one has heard of tickling trout: the tench is almost equally amenable to titillation.

But it was a decadent and blazé company, and something more piquant was needed for their titillation.

It operates by a kind of titillation or gentle traction, such as we exercise upon the cow.

The humour of the play was too good to need assistance from this sort of titillation.

The other snored measuredly for a while, but the titillation startled him at length, and he beat the air in his slumber.

The swift motion and titillation by the perpetual close shaving of other vehicles were sedative to him.

And it were a sin of obstinacy, high and horrible obstinacy, to resist the titillation of the famelic sense which is smell.