Titles [noun]

Definition of Titles:

heading, label

Synonyms of Titles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Titles:


Sentence/Example of Titles:

I pray you, Alleyne, to give him greeting from me, and to ask him for his titles and coat-armor.

I am more than I seem to be; she who weds me will not lack for rank and titles.

The titles of the English editions are as follows:— i. Seneca Unmasked.

He must give up his titles, honours, knighthoods, and things of that sort.

I require the abolition of privileges, of titles, and of monopolies.

You shall not tell me by languages and titles a catalogue of the volumes you have read.

The Bear Garden is not hyphenated when used in titles but is hyphenated within the text.

People who judge of Books from their Titles, must be often imposed upon.

There is nothing I should better like to hear, since of all titles this is the one I covet most the right to bear.

The titles and duties of the several officials are of secondary importance.