Titters [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Titters:

In the middle of it I saw Clara begin to titter, but she did not interrupt him.

"Have a care of the sentinel on the hill-top," Sakr-el-Bahr admonished him, provoking a titter.

For a moment there was silence, save for a titter from the group of seamen.

And best of all, there's no mob of nit-wits to titter and smirk.

There was a titter of laughter at this piece of information.

But no one did, and some of the younger boys in front began to titter nervously.

The remark was passed from one to another and a titter went round the room.

It was much that he was able to save his squadron from titter destruction.

Mansoor waited expectantly for a titter, and bowed to it when it arrived.

A titter ran around the room and the coroner rapped for order.