Titular [adjective]

Definition of Titular:

in name only

Synonyms of Titular:

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Sentence/Example of Titular:

The names of most of these are titular, but some are territorial and a few totemistic.

As for the titular mother, she had not an atom of character of any kind.

He reviewed his information on Dovenilid titular systems while he touched the switch.

In 1855 the third of the Titular Nawabs died without any son to succeed him.

I fell under that titular avalanche a torn and blighted thing.

He must be regarded as founder of the titular hierarchy in Ireland.

Its titular embellishments were due to the warder's gift of humor.

Dhulip Singh, the titular Maharajah, was sent to live in England on a pension.

She did the same for her titular husband, Guillaume, Comte du Barry.

The titular bishop never interfered, and Mrs. Proudie not often.