Toasting [noun]

Definition of Toasting:

salutation when drinking alcohol

Synonyms of Toasting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Toasting:

Sentence/Example of Toasting:

"I think I will," said the superintendent, helping himself to a fresh slice of toast.

The chairman rose to propose the toast of the evening, and was received with cheers.

If toast is used, it should merely be cut in the desired shape.

The crust of toast may be trimmed off or left on, as desired.

Laughingly they drank this toast; and the skewers were filled a second time.

I had also kep some good coffee warm for her, and some toast and steak.

Make some thin slices of toast, having cut off all the crust.

Lie still, mother, till you get some of our tea and toast, and I reckon it will cure you.

He is reminded of a toast—a toast to which they will respond.

They all shake hands with Mr Pecksniff, as they drink the toast.