Toasty [adjective]

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Even if you don’t end up winning any fashion awards while wearing yours, the best mittens can help ensure that your hands remain toasty and unchapped all winter long.

You can also use the Travel Dry during a midday break to keep your toes toasty on that freezing post-lunch lift ride.

Jabbour told me that last week, with temperatures outside around 25 degrees Fahrenheit, it was a toasty 66 degrees in the tunnel.

Keep your bathroom warm, too, because a toasty room will keep the tub from losing its heat too quickly.

Shake them until you smell the spices, but don’t let them go from toasty to burned.

This 12-fluid-ounce vessel from Hydro Flask promises to keep your drinks toasty for hours.

Ariella Gintzler, associate editor As a person who runs perpetually cold, I subscribe to the notion that there’s no such thing as a layer that is too toasty.

The stone base of this wicker offering, however, can keep buns toasty and ready to sop up sauces throughout the meal.

Porsche Socks To keep toes toasty, Porsche offers a set of fine-knit unisex socks in two designs, each featuring the automaker’s logo.

My fingers were toasty, conveniently tucked under my arms, siphoning core heat from my body.