Toddler [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Toddler:

I have not seen her for four years, not since she was a mite of a toddler.

He had been worse since his wife died, when the boy was still a toddler.

A porter carried the big lunch-basket, and the little other mother led a toddler on each side, dodging the hurrying passengers.

The boy looked down at the toddler beside him and then at the two little girls with weary contempt.

But in case you are unable to get into the diner, it is wise to take some simple things for your toddler and yourself to eat.

Babies require many stops, and rest periods for a toddler should be frequent.

This will give you time to select a hotel or tourist room and get the baby or toddler comfortably to sleep by his usual bedtime.

There were grown-up things that he liked to do—things in which a toddler like Johnnie Green couldn't take part.

Dalgard had known Sssuri since he was a toddler and the other a cub coming to see the wonders of dry land for the first time.

You see, my mother died a long while ago; I was just a toddler then; and my father married again.