Toff [verb]

Definition of Toff:

make angry

Synonyms of Toff:

Opposite/Antonyms of Toff:

Sentence/Example of Toff:

By now the mews had wakened to the fact of the presence of a "toff" in its midst.

I'm a poor man; I've got no money an' no friends—he 's a toff—he can do wot I can't.

The letter was from some toff, 'cause it come from Menzie's Hotel.

It must be held that the Marquis was justified in getting rid of Mrs. Toff.

Toff, I don't believe you wanted to see your master's son and heir!

"I don't believe that Toff knows anything about it," she said.

Toff is a nasty, meddling creature, and I wish she had not come here at all.

Lady Amelia had seceded to her mother, as had also Mrs. Toff, the old housekeeper.

A swell, Trampy, a toff, a gentleman like those in the front boxes.

A "toff" took her to have a drink, and promised her money to go with him to an hotel.