Toffs [verb]

Definition of Toffs:

make angry

Synonyms of Toffs:

Opposite/Antonyms of Toffs:

Sentence/Example of Toffs:

When you go on your trip for action in the Bois among the toffs, will you take me with you?

Is this the way you treat the toffs, when they come to see you?

You're a toff, that's what you are, and your lines has been laid for toffs.

We could see the toffs in evening dress idling in the glow of her electric lights.

There's hundreds of toffs in England and Injia'd give their ears for a day after these, you know.

As most of the clothes worn by men are tailor-made, a great many "toffs" may be seen in Durban.

So now we're bloomin' toffs, an' I'll get a pair of reach-me-downs this very bloomin' night.

By a curious coincidence the great news seemed to have reached all, toffs and crooks alike, at exactly the same time.