Tog [noun]

Definition of Tog:


Synonyms of Tog:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tog:


Sentence/Example of Tog:

But Tog, which was the one with the black eye, was not to be justified.

But Tog was yet a puppy, unpracticed in fight; he had missed the grip.

Whether or not Tog was concerned in that affair, nobody knows.

They came leaping, with Tog in the lead––and they came silently.

“Mein Got—he is not a tog, he is te tyfel,” observed Jansen.

“Na, she wadna set the tog at a man, Hahmeesh,” said Andrew with a sly grin.

Say, did you fellows stop to tog up before you came to the fire?

They'd have to be to tog out like that every day in the week.

"Mein Got--he is not a tog, he is te tyfel," observed Jansen.

It is great fun for children to "tog up" and to "show off" in their play.