Toggle [noun]

Definition of Toggle:


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Sentence/Example of Toggle:

Its toggle switch was at the “on” position, and it was lying on its side.

The hatchet he had been using to cut a toggle was lying by his knee.

A handkerchief and toggle, or stick of any kind, is sometimes substituted.

Gliders were casting off their toggle hooks and swooping earthward.

With a muttered curse, Merrick flipped a toggle and the scene dimmed.

The admiral flipped a couple of toggle switches on his desk.

Then he slapped in the clip and yanked up on the toggle loading the chamber.

As soon as he was below the deck, Christy closed the scuttle, and secured it with the toggle.

We will toggle each other on this special question if you like.

It looked just then as though the principal intended to "toggle" him.