Toilsome [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Toilsome:

The drive is a slow and toilsome ascent of three hours and a half.

It was like a toilsome passage through the workings of an iron mine.

This was at eight or nine in the morning, after many hours' toilsome march.

It was a toilsome and dreary march, unrelieved by aught to lessen the fatigue.

The third day of my toilsome journey was drawing to a close.

And the burdensome one is toilsome, while the delightsome one is pleasurable.

But the alternative was so toilsome that we resolved to take the chance.

She would not save him to live the toilsome, slavish life of the Jews.

I set about helping him, and for an hour we labored at this hasty and toilsome moving.

The temperature was just bearable, but the road was toilsome from its uneven character.