Told [verb]

Definition of Told:


Opposite/Antonyms of Told:

Sentence/Example of Told:

He took me right into his office, and I told him what you said, and he'll be ready for you at two o'clock.

Might not the same history be told of much that is believed?

"I told him high altitudes and high livin' would do any man—" Again he was silent.

Yes, dearest Philothea; but not till she had first told me of her own marriage with Geta.

They gently raised him, bolstered him with pillows, and told him he had long been ill.

Eudora's countenance kindled with indignation, as she listened to what Milza had told.

Is that brother of hers you told me about still makin' up to that party?

"I told your father that this morning," and he resumed his writing.

I told Coplen to offer her a million cash for everything rather'n have any fuss.

Which was very ugly in me, and I cried afterwards and told her how sorry I was.