Tolerantly [adverb]

Definition of Tolerantly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Tolerantly:

Sentence/Example of Tolerantly:

She smiled faintly, vaguely, tolerantly, as if she enjoyed his pleasure in teasing her.

"It's aye the old story with you," the Paymaster would say tolerantly.

"It's a slip carriage," he said, smiling, tolerantly superior.

"That is quite proper, too, considering their relations," said Clarence tolerantly.

"Well, that's very interesting, I'm sure," he said tolerantly.

He smiled at her tolerantly, handing up the lengthened strap.

"Well, you have to have discipline," Trigger said tolerantly.

"Your poor mother was obstinate," commented the captain, regarding her tolerantly.

"Oh, we have the whole day for our work," she answered, tolerantly.

He smiled at her kindly and tolerantly, yet with a gentle reproof.