Tolerated [verb]

Definition of Tolerated:

allow, indulge

Synonyms of Tolerated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tolerated:

Sentence/Example of Tolerated:

This would doubtless hardly be tolerated by the "censor" today.

Trespassers, interlopers, impertinents-why should they be tolerated?

It was on his account that we were tolerated, nay, even advised and helped and entertained.

But so long as slavery is tolerated, no such peace can exist.

People understood that Tellson's, in a stately way, tolerated the odd-job-man.

Christiana and her children are tolerated for the pilgrim's sake to whom they belong.

Up till then he had tolerated the youngster without all that fuss.

And from this day on he tolerated her about him, and allowed her to wait on him.

I despise them from my heart, and wonder how I can have tolerated them so long.

That was the one reason why he tolerated Davis, the Captain thought.