Tolerates [verb]

Definition of Tolerates:

allow, indulge

Synonyms of Tolerates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tolerates:

Sentence/Example of Tolerates:

It tolerates no compromises and rewards only patience and strength.

He tolerates no religion on his estate but that of the Church.

The Ex-postman walks beside him, which Lollo tolerates to the level of his shoulder.

Do you mean to say that Society tolerates such a business as that?

It tolerates some clean and obscure but very profitable manufactures.

It tolerates but it does not give the sanction of its approval to them.

He tolerates all religious beliefs, even though they differ from his own.

Yet he tolerates his fellow-countrymen whom he does not despise because they lack what most he prizes.

Grace will be sensible and she tolerates her uncle, but Theresa hates him.

She does and tolerates many things that seem to me a great pity.