Tolerating [verb]

Definition of Tolerating:

allow, indulge

Synonyms of Tolerating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tolerating:

Sentence/Example of Tolerating:

It can hardly be said that these great men were wrong in tolerating Slavery.

They ended by not tolerating the least symptom of decadence.

Chiefly the impossibility of tolerating opposition to her own indomitable will.

It was tolerating the principle of slavery; not admitting it, but tolerating it.

I have been tolerating you since you got back from jail because I've been too busy to tend to your case.

He had been tolerating much which it was ridiculous to go on tolerating.

I believe its a good place in its way, Mat, Mrs. Johnson said, tolerating Oxford.

They were tolerating the other teachers: that is why Paul says .

He had always hated Parsons, tolerating him because of Parsons money.

If I hadn't been perfectly besotted I should have seen that she was only tolerating me.