Tom [noun]

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As to the Gifted, I have heard Tom say often, that he was certain he was in a fit, and had it inwardly.

It made him sick to listen to Tom, and to hear the people say "My land!"

Tom said we was right in the midst of the Arabian Nights now.

So we was all quiet and still, Jim and me being scared, and Tom busy.

DO you reckon Tom Sawyer was satisfied after all them adventures?

Some called him Tom Sawyer the Traveler, and that just swelled him up fit to bust.

They went for me and Jim by the thousand, but not a one of them lit on Tom.

Why, it seemed just like home; it 'most seemed as if I had been born and raised in it, and Jim and Tom said the same.

Well, we went out in the woods on the hill, and Tom told us what it was.

I got the subject up again, and then Tom explained, the best he could.