Tomahawked [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Tomahawked:

Old Mr. West was found in the field where he had been tomahawked.

During the succeeding night, five other wounded prisoners were tomahawked.

It took me some time to drink my fill, but I was not tomahawked while at the spring.

No; we should be overtaken, recaptured, speared or tomahawked upon the spot!

He'd liked to tomahawked me out'n the briers, but I throwed him fust.

The Pottawattomies tomahawked the last one and fried the remains.

They were struck down right and left and tomahawked as they fell.

Oh, not him—not them, I mean—they will be overtaken and tomahawked by the way!

This was too much for the Chinese owner, who tomahawked the digger on the spot.

Shortly after the little one was tomahawked and thrown into the river.