Tomahawking [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Tomahawking:

Not that Lucien had set out with the intention of tomahawking anybody.

What could she do, for he might be tomahawking her in less than no time?

Witchcraft is punished by death, stabbing, tomahawking, or burning.

They were painted horribly, and exhibited the operation of scalping and tomahawking in fine style.

Finally they agree, over the second sixpennyworth of Scotch hot, on five hundred pounds as the price of tomahawking the Sagamore.

The old savage was yet in favour of tomahawking the captives and retreating without delay.

There could be little doubt that the Apaches preferred to take both prisoners, instead of shooting or tomahawking them in a fight.

The Federals charged mutilation of dead bodies on the battle-field and the tomahawking and scalping of prisoners.

To the first—that of passing over the rock and tomahawking him, there was one objection so important as to make it a fatal one.

As he approached, Lyttle gave him his hand, but with difficulty restrained the men from tomahawking him.