Tomahawks [noun]

Definition of Tomahawks:

large cutting tool

Synonyms of Tomahawks:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tomahawks:


Sentence/Example of Tomahawks:

With my tomahawk I cut a mark in that chestnut yonder and buried my weapon at the foot of it.

I leave the tomahawk and knife to such as have a natural gift to use them.

You say you're willing to bury the tomahawk; do you mean it?

Oh, how I understood now the rascally-looking fellow, with his hatchet and tomahawk!

I didn't have my tomahawk, and I didn't know what would happen.

The Indian lifted his tomahawk and the lad expected it to be buried in his head.

Do the Indians want to dig up the tomahawk and make war on the whites?

Pardon me, madam, but I am not a sheep, nor yet quite a savage with a tomahawk.

He had a tomahawk and a knife in his belt and a rifle upon his arm.

He then recovered his own tomahawk, and carried off the useless weapons with him.