Tomb [noun]

Definition of Tomb:

burial place

Synonyms of Tomb:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tomb:


Sentence/Example of Tomb:

It is a single round, low tower, shaped like the tomb of Cacilia Metella.

They left it on her breast, in the coffin, and it went with that guilty woman to the tomb.

At my departure their tomb had been hidden in the morning mist.

Like the tomb of William the Conqueror at Caen, it disappeared long ago.

It should not be a tomb save as upon the fourth day the sepulchre in the garden!

When Shakespeare died he left some lines to be placed over his tomb.

Pass on, with your burden of mortality, And lay it in the tomb with jolly hearts.

When the tomb of Saint Cecilia was opened an odour of roses came up from her coffin.

Before dawn she wuz at the door of the tomb, lookin' for His comin'.

Well, they couldn't make it, because the tomb of a popular saint or sheikh was in the way.