Tombstone [noun]

Definition of Tombstone:

grave marker

Synonyms of Tombstone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tombstone:


Sentence/Example of Tombstone:

Her blessing was better than a holy verse upon the tombstone.

The lantern, set on a tombstone beside them, blinked in a snowy gust.

They rose from the tombstone, and were soon hidden in the shadow of a pile of planks.

For a long time the tombstone particularly engaged their attention.

"You'll see, this tombstone will bring us misfortune," she added.

And the deputy answered with like brevity, then rode on to Tombstone.

These are the two men; and as for Tombstone, it was booming.

The posse deliberated briefly; 148 and then turned back for Tombstone.

It resisted his efforts, heavy as lead, immovable like a tombstone.

Dorn entered a large room that reminded him of a tombstone factory.