Tomcats [noun]

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Yet the Indian elephant is about as much like his African brother as a tomcat is like a tiger.

And now a Tomcat has got one of the Fishes and she will surely escape with him.

If the Tomcat had been all Mexican or all Comanche this leaf might never have been written.

It was common knowledge, therefore, that the Tomcat was blood-hungry.

Hed admire to take a skelp, that Tomcat would, but hes shy the sand.

The Tomcat did not recall Mr. Masterson as one uncommonly dangerous.

Jack said I could take him, returned the Tomcat as he leaped into the saddle.

Mr. Cook was surprised at the picture of the Tomcat astride his sacred Shylock.

The Tomcat appeared dashed, not to say dismayed, by the meeting.

On occasion the Tomcat brushed by Mr. Masterson in the narrow walks of Dodge.