Tome [noun]

Definition of Tome:

large, scholarly book

Synonyms of Tome:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tome:


Sentence/Example of Tome:

But presently he will chance upon some tome whose appeal is irresistible.

When the boys came in, the little girl said, shyly, "Tome and tell me about the nets."

Hystoriale: But this tyme is so tore (inconvenient), and we no tome have .

Beausobre in his History of Manicheanism, tome 2, book 4, chap.

Here, as you see me now, in tropical but dripping diffidence, I am the author of that tome.

They are printed in the Monumenta Germaniae, leges, tome i. .

Did you happen to notice the tome sticking out of his coat pocket?

A man at a table opened a tome which might have contained all the names in Paris.

He refers the reader to the Mmoires de la Duchesse d'Abrants, tome viii.

To others he might bring life and health and joy, on the morrow; but tome he would never rise.