Tomes [noun]

Definition of Tomes:

large, scholarly book

Synonyms of Tomes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tomes:


Sentence/Example of Tomes:

Indeed, the Sheikh is right; most of these tomes are good for nothing else.

Rises, removes a small screen to reveal a towering pile of tomes.

"And the client too," said Tomes aloud; but nobody had heard what I had said.

The room is pitch-dark always, and it is full of tables and tomes.

These are the spontaneous lenders, who insist that you shall borrow their tomes.

Greece, out of all her tomes, has left us but a few ill-written p. 77papyri.

Other tomes, whose use is past, they bear off to the shades below.

Understanding, he shifted his tomes to his left breast and saluted the second carriage.

It will not take him long to run through two or three tomes.

By the antiquary and the poet these tomes may be often opened.