Tomfool [adjective]

Definition of Tomfool:


Opposite/Antonyms of Tomfool:

Sentence/Example of Tomfool:

That tomfool letter we sent ruined whatever chance I had left.

Then aloud in Spanish: "What's the good of all that tomfool business?"

Go and fetch the money and the tomfool paint-box thing that you say he had it in.

And think of that tomfool of a Tommy-Bill-beg sending the man to me.

"I'll stop all night in your tomfool wood and up your tomfool trees," he said.

“If she wa'n't dead and gone, I wouldn't believe one word of such a tomfool story,” said she, with vicious energy.

If Dalrymple really meant what he had said, and would stick to it, she need not mind being called a tomfool by her mother.

Dorcas objected to this name, but Tabitha remarked sagely that at any rate it was better than "Tomfool."

This ought to be read before all the tomfool peace societies and anti-imperialist societies of the present-day.

If anyone asks, youve been for a spin with a tomfool skipper who didnt know dirty weather when he saw it.