Tommyrot [noun]

Definition of Tommyrot:


Opposite/Antonyms of Tommyrot:

Sentence/Example of Tommyrot:

But inevitably there would be some who would say, "Tommyrot!"

And all the tommyrot one hears at home about another mutiny brewing!

"Oh, Tommyrot," said Bob, though at heart he did not know just what was liable to happen.

"It's tommyrot, that's what it is," Amy said with conviction.

He says it's all tommyrot about Marraville paying him to put him out of his misery.

I realize perfectly that all this sounds like tommyrot, and that superstition may be a relic of barbarism and ignorance.

I havent time to explain my reasons for cutting that tommyrot out, retorted Piper.

Can you imagine our minds embracing each other, thrilling at the contact,—oh, it's tommyrot.

Our object is to check by every legitimate means the spread of tommyrot in this country and the world generally.

I am a young man still, with years and years before me in which I shall no doubt talk a lot of tommyrot.