Toning [verb]

Definition of Toning:

adjust, harmonize

Synonyms of Toning:

Opposite/Antonyms of Toning:

Sentence/Example of Toning:

Her instinctive fear of the father of her progeny was toning down.

That back-drop must have a toning wash: it jumps out at the costumes.

Do you not then think that Protestantism needs some toning up on this subject?

A big advantage in this method of toning is its wonderful adaptability.

Ten minutes will be quite sufficient for toning up the atmosphere.

Perhaps he was right on the point of toning the Memoirs here and there.

Toning, captain of the arquebusiers, died for his country as he had foretold.

All the toning and intensifying operations may be conducted by daylight.

It is then washed for a minute or so, and the toning continued in the following bath.

This brings us to the consideration of toning baths generally.