Tony [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Tony:

Harriet was "tony" because she walked with her elbows in and her head up.

When you are free of your cloak, Tony Cross, dismount and let us embrace.

A brother may not be a friend: but a friend will always be a brother—mind that, as your uncle Tony says!

Tony Cornish had a cheery way with him which made other men talk.

Dorothy recollected that Mrs. Vansittart had said something like this about Tony Cornish.

Then Tony Cornish lighted a cigarette, and sat down to wait.

Which was strictly true; for Tony Cornish was and always had been a graceful idler.

It is not claimed for Tony Cornish that he had a great mind, and that this was now made up.

"We are going to stick to the malgamiters," replied Tony, quietly.

For the world had been pleased to say that Joan and Tony must in the end inevitably marry.