Too [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Too:

Coppy, in a tone of too-hastily-assumed authority, had told her over night that she must not ride out by the river.

From time to time Lockhart gave vent to a grim laugh, and Spivin displayed his feelings in a too-amiable smile.

Sylvan scenes, with a dash of human savagery in the foreground, form the best relief for a too-extended assimilation of books.

Then she looked more hopeful as her eyes rested on Betty, who was sorting the contents of a too-crowded dresser drawer.

Characteristically, this weakness seems to have taken the form of a too-generous estimate of his fellows.

Sometimes far up in the hills a she-fox would bark, or some too-aged tree of the forest would come down with a booming crash.

I was "strung up" to a high degree of expectation and listened every moment to hear the panpipes and the Roo-too-too-it.

And no wonder, for of all the doleful too-tooings ever uttered by wind instrument, this was the dolefullest.

But I can't sleep with that infernal tooty-too in any ears, and I've got the toothache.

Mr. Figgins took his flute with him, and too-tooed all the way till he reached the door of Jack's room.