Took [verb]

Definition of Took:

captivate, enchant

Synonyms of Took:

Opposite/Antonyms of Took:

Sentence/Example of Took:

He took the card from the florist's envelope and glanced at the name.

Mrs. Bines, stooping, took the limp and wide-eyed Paul up in her arms.

He took a cab and was driven to the local branch of his favourite temple of chance.

Eudora took it with a deep blush, saying, "Aspasia gave it to me."

"But you went to Athens, and took no care for your country," rejoined the prince.

He took me right into his office, and I told him what you said, and he'll be ready for you at two o'clock.

He took his uncle up in his strong arms, and moved toward the stairs.

Halbert thought it was time to be going, and accordingly got up and took his leave.

Then, Robert, you quarreled with the man you took across the river.

I sprang to my feet and took immediate measures to extinguish the flames.