Tool [noun]

Definition of Tool:

instrument used to shape, form, finish

Synonyms of Tool:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tool:


Sentence/Example of Tool:

God can use us as tools, but to be a tool of, is not to be a fellow-worker with.

Perhaps you will not be as ready to admit that a tool is a book.

I have suffered him to treat me like his tool and instrument.

At this point of his reverie Pierre was roused by Thomas, who asked him to fetch a tool.

The man who does not care about his rights, depend upon it, will be made a tool of by those that do.

It was thought that Tecumseh mistook this tool for a gun, and was nervous.

Martine went down into her kitchen and brought back the tool that had been asked.

The tech was finished, he snapped his tool box shut and left.

On the tool chest sat Gubblum Oglethorpe, leisurely smoking.

We shall have him a tool of the Huguenot party before all is done.