Tooling [noun]

Definition of Tooling:

production of processed goods

Synonyms of Tooling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tooling:


Sentence/Example of Tooling:

Modern ornamentation is confined to tooling, blind and gilt, and inlaying.

There is a great variation in the costs given for tooling concrete.

This tooling was done by stone cutters, and was unusually high in cost.

After the edges have been gilt they may be decorated by tooling, called “gauffering.”

The tooling is done as directed in the other examples of this class of work.

Probably more, as he had never seen a saddle with tooling such as this one.

Remember that, as previously stated, Russian calfskin is the best for tooling.

Presently a boy on a velocipede was seen to be tooling down towards them.

So far, we have dealt with the preparation for finishing and tooling with a roll.

Close to them was Jack, standing at the wheel, tooling her through.