Toothbrush [noun]

Definition of Toothbrush:

tool with bristles for cleaning

Synonyms of Toothbrush:

Opposite/Antonyms of Toothbrush:


Sentence/Example of Toothbrush:

Get Pierce to come for me in morning and bring my toothbrush.

From then on each student was required to have and to use a toothbrush.

Then he came rushing up with a toothbrush and a safety-razor case.

Greatest luxury imaginable, a toothbrush, on this sort of expedition.

All right then—tell her to pack a toothbrush and a few spare diapers.

I speak: 'Dink, I bet Bill here a quarter that you used a toothbrush.'

But then, would an off-Earth being ever guess the use of—say—a toothbrush or a bobbypin?

Bill, let's do business—it's more than just the toothbrush, it's a whole future's open to you.

You might do something with a toothbrush, but a folding one is a joke!

But how the dickens can you make a souvenir out of a toothbrush?