Toots [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Toots:

Faint shouts rose in the zero night, toots and sharp whistles.

"It's of no consequence," I stammered, making a Toots of myself.

There was a flash of red, a cloud of dust, three other toots of agony, and the thing was gone.

Toots begged to ride a race, but he was a little shaver, and uncle was afraid.

Toots could ride some of them that would allow nobody else to mount them.

Frank had seen Nemo work on a track with Toots in the saddle.

I am not much of a gambler, Toots, but I may back Nemo for a little something.

"Toots does not seem to be pushing Nemo as he might," muttered Harlow.

Ten minutes after they left Toots decided to give Nemo some water.

He toots his fog-horn in all lands and on all seas, and says, "age before reason."