Topiaries [noun]

Definition of Topiaries:

large plant enclosed in bark and shedding leaves

Synonyms of Topiaries:

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Sentence/Example of Topiaries:

An affected admiration for Dutch topiary also became a fashion.

May I add that poodles ought not to be shaved with a safety-razor, but should be trimmed by a topiary expert?

Unlike those found in the gardens of Colonial days, they should be carefully clipped, sometimes for topiary effects.

Through the great number of formal gardens laid out within a few years in America, the topiary art has had a certain revival.

There were bushes exhibiting fantastic examples of the topiary art, and here, too, was a sun-dial.

Rapin was a great admirer of box and all topiary works, or trees cut into artificial forms.

There is a quaint charm in the results of the topiary art, in the prim imagery of evergreens, that all ages have felt.

In large gardens there are always one or two professional gardeners who understand the topiary art.

These topiary hedges were known to the Romans, with whom the topiarius was the ornamental gardener.

The basin which formerly occupied the centre was replaced some years ago by a block of yew surmounted by topiary figures.