Topics [noun]

Definition of Topics:

subject matter

Synonyms of Topics:

Opposite/Antonyms of Topics:



Sentence/Example of Topics:

I can foresee other objections, derived from topics which have not here been treated of.

These topics were taboo and Captain Obed soon ceased to mention them.

No; on these topics, Socrates, I do as you do and repeat myself.

Topics of local interest, methods of farming, etc., are the subjects for discussion.

Besides all this there were the topics of the day to discuss.

These topics are not on the subject of the day's lesson, but of some preceding lesson.

Topics that are timely and of interest to the whole community should be discussed.

"You appear to have devoted attention to these topics," said he, with a smile.

We are of the world, and can discuss its topics, man to man.

He has thus permitted strangers to come and speak with him on these topics?