Topknot [noun]

Definition of Topknot:

clump of strands of something

Synonyms of Topknot:

Opposite/Antonyms of Topknot:

Sentence/Example of Topknot:

A topknot, tied by the leg to the fence, struggles madly to escape.

Same when a mestizo buzzes close; you can have his topknot as much as you like.

There is one variety of this species which has a topknot, or crest.

"Topknot has a spark of sense," said he, leading her along to the green-house.

Why, it's something you musn't ever tell, Topknot, not to anybody that lives.

But the distinctive feature, with the men as with the women, is the topknot coiffure.

Topknot hev jes kem off'n her nest with fourteen deedies, an' she an' 'Melia hev gone ter the barn ter see 'bout'n 'em.

He saw the clear-cut features, the firm chin, the white forehead and the topknot of fair hair against the white pillow.

A topknot of fair hair decorated his brow like a gold diadem in what one would call normal times.

There ain't a touch o' topknot about that ere girl: she's come o' real humbly people.