Topsoil [noun]

Definition of Topsoil:

ground, soil

Synonyms of Topsoil:

Opposite/Antonyms of Topsoil:


Sentence/Example of Topsoil:

If the topsoil is very poor, get some good, rich, black soil.

We start out in about a foot of topsoil, then some hard rock and then more hard rock.

The prairie vole makes a tortuous network of paths through the grass and honeycombs the topsoil with its tunnels.

In Brazil the best soil is known as terra roxa, a topsoil of red clay three or four feet thick with a gravel subsoil.

Bless the red-skins who bred maize, the great preserver of life and damn them for breeding maize the great destroyer of topsoil.

The topsoil and the humus may be a little mixed, but we are not going to sort them out by hand.

The Indian celt no doubt fell from the topsoil while the trench in which the wall was built was being excavated.

Now below the topsoil is a lighter coloured, less fertile, more rocky layer, the subsoil.

Place the topsoil on one side of the hole; on the other the poorer subsoil.