Torch [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Torch:

The prize was bestowed on him who ran the course without extinguishing his torch.

Dorothea was holding a torch, the liquid droppings of which fell upon her hands.

His torch will be at the threshold and his knife at the throat of the planter.

It was the torch of a fisherman—one of those eyes of the South of which Artois had thought.

The cabman bought a torch from a passer-by, and stuck it in his whip-barrel.

The cabman had put up his torch and was flapping his arms under his armpits.

The cabman threw away his torch, mounted his box, and set off at a trot.

She sagged in over the coast and came right on home, smoking like a torch.

Lage seized his torch, sprang to his feet, and saw—Vigfusson.

The Torch is merely pressed by the hand over the Torch-Holder.