Tormenter [noun]

Definition of Tormenter:

domineering person

Synonyms of Tormenter:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tormenter:


Sentence/Example of Tormenter:

And even in the wilds of Wisconsin it was still my tormenter.

Fenn did not stop to reply to his tormenter but caught Jennie by the arm and helped her to straighten her garment.

Had not the beast hesitated, uncertain which of the two was his tormenter, this story would be brief indeed.

As well tell poor Jep to fly as to scale a perpendicular wall, and that his tormenter knew.

Beyond the weakness of the god his tormenter he descries a Power, unobstructed, all-pure.

The bull pranced and shook its head and pawed about in vain efforts to get rid of its tormenter.

She dropped it as if it had been a viper, and scrambled away from the proximity of her tormenter.

With a bitter curse he swung his great open palm around and laid his tormenter flat on the floor, stunned and breathless.

Sisa let herself fall to the floor, trying to cover her feet, and looking at her tormenter with haggard eyes.

His victim, rising out of the water, endeavors to throw himself upon the ice, as if to rush at his tormenter.