Tormenting [adjective]

Definition of Tormenting:

very painful

Synonyms of Tormenting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tormenting:

Sentence/Example of Tormenting:

My dear Friend,—That tormenting creature, Reginald, is here.

I took revenge on you for recognizing me by tormenting you as far as I dared.

I trust I am not superstitious, but the vision had remained with me in all its tormenting detail.

Eugen, as if stung by some tormenting thought, sprung up and we left the wood.

Yet he lay there, wide-eyed, wondering, and tormenting himself.

At the second glass Gervaise no longer felt the hunger which had been tormenting her.

On all the neighboring roofs were villains mocking and tormenting him.

But we did not know that then, and we kept on tormenting him and snapping pictures of his leaps.

But she had a thirst—the sign of deep, of tormenting emotion.

And the unworried, unaccented voice of her father went on tormenting her.