Torpedoes [noun]

Definition of Torpedoes:

murderer of prominent or important person

Synonyms of Torpedoes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Torpedoes:


Sentence/Example of Torpedoes:

If I could do it without spending my torpedoes, all the better.

The use of torpedoes was not confined to the people of New England.

It is also blocked up with piles, torpedoes, and other obstacles.

This stopped the advance of the fleet, as the river was supposed to be sown with torpedoes.

The effect of the torpedoes in the streets was too appalling for description.

Again it swung in a circle and again the torpedoes replied, this time all clear.

Now that they are out of torpedoes, what do you suppose they will do?

"I think they are the casings which carry the torpedoes," replied the captain.

They have sunk four ships under me by torpedoes, and one by a mine.

Then the torpedoes that the machines were turning out again, came into action.