Torpidity [noun]

Definition of Torpidity:


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Sentence/Example of Torpidity:

All insects, however, do not undergo this degree of torpidity.

During 1817 Irving was mostly in the depths of gloom, a prey to the monotony of life and torpidity of intellect.

Or is there some other cause of torpidity besides mere cold?

The torpidity leaves the snakes and the turtles, and they come forth and bask in the sun.

Herr Carovius, awakening from his torpidity, saw that it was high time to make some effort to escape.

Half a minute after being introduced commencement of torpidity ensued, shown by contractions becoming fewer and feebler.

In the course of a few hours, however, the torpidity wears 237 away, and finally the Medus returns to its normal state.

The Sarsi, of course, floated to the surface, and they immediately began to show symptoms of torpidity.

I don't say these men are unhappy, but unless they develop a hobby, torpidity is bound to settle like a mist upon their brains.

As it was, I felt like one slowly recovering from a state of torpidity—from an ill-digested dream!