Torrent [noun]

Definition of Torrent:

heavy flow

Synonyms of Torrent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Torrent:


Sentence/Example of Torrent:

Let us rejoice that one such partisan was now at hand to stem the torrent of abuse.

After that, in a torrent, came Harriet's declaration of independence.

The Kavirondo, his eyes rolling, shot forth a torrent of language.

But are you voluble enough to drown all sense in a torrent of words?

It all poured out of him in a torrent, his hand on my knee most of the time.

But his daughters, less tranquil-minded, burst into a torrent of indignation.

Like a torrent they swept down upon the cowed, weakened Mercutians.

In the act of striking him, the torrent of his opponent's rage had reached a stop.

Give me the wild wind and the breath of the torrent, and I have no wish to hear your hymns.

Rain came, in a torrent of water, heavy as lead, drenching her to the skin.