Torsion [noun]

Definition of Torsion:

labyrinth; confusion

Synonyms of Torsion:

Opposite/Antonyms of Torsion:

Sentence/Example of Torsion:

In the b-position, on the other hand, the torsion is against the hands of a clock.

In all these cases the torsion and asymmetry of the body are unaffected.

This is because the torsion varies as the fourth power of the diameter.

Even if it is only halved, the torsion is reduced sixteenfold.

It might be supposed that the torsion of the wire would appreciably affect the result.

Heat also has a disturbing effect, and makes itself felt in the torsion of the fiber and the cage surrounding the lever.

The motive power appears to have been obtained by the torsion of ropes, fibres, catgut, or hair.

It is from this latter that the crest arises, which, passing upwards, forms the posterior limit of the groove of torsion.

When torsion takes place the attack is sudden and the symptoms violent and urgent.

In some cases excessive tenesmus and bloody stools are seen in the early stages of torsion of the bowel.