Tort [noun]

Definition of Tort:

illegal or immoral action

Opposite/Antonyms of Tort:

Sentence/Example of Tort:

He has been equally just to the Duc de Guines in his affair with Tort.

"I think—I'm not quite sure—I think that's a tort," said Sam.

It was an action on the case (tort), against a common hoyman.

Will no one help to pull the tort'ring arrow From his breast?

If you commit a tort, you are liable to pay a compensatory sum.

The others had tort me faith an' zeal, but these tort me discipline.

Some, indeed, sought to give us a "tort of negligence" as a nominate tort.

Later, trespass on the case bifurcates into misdemeanor and the tort of trespass.

Any injury inflicted by one person upon the person or property of another, which is not a breach of contract, is a tort.

If A carelessly drives his automobile into B's wagon, he commits a tort.