Tortuous [adjective]

Definition of Tortuous:

winding; full of curves; very twisted

Synonyms of Tortuous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Tortuous:

Sentence/Example of Tortuous:

The principle of nationality is emerging from the tortuous confusion of the ages.

Dick, will you tell me what I do know, if I do not read every turn and trick of their tortuous nature?

The Fortymile is a very picturesque but most tortuous river.

Vermicular: worm-like, tortuous: resembling the tracks of a worm.

There was a winding stair of stone, narrow and tortuous, in one corner of the tower.

As Lafayette said, America was far away and the politics of Europe were tortuous.

Its course was tortuous, winding in the shape of the letter S.

Along the tortuous course of that stream she knew a hundred hiding-places.

The zig-zags or tortuous trenches in the approach of a besieger.

The road was tortuous, and wound round a jutting point of rock.